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30 Dec 2015

I’ve been a bridesmaid twice in my life, and both times, it was a very involved experience in terms of preparation. If you’ve been one you already know the money that has to be doled out to pay for a dress, to pay for hair and makeup, to buy the shoes in the particular color the bride wants, to pay for flights, jewelry, hotel rooms, parties, party buses and more. And don’t forget the time spent doing all that, while also going back and forth in email threads.

I dealt with all that and still didn’t really understand what my purpose was in the whole shabang. I walked down the aisle with a guy I didn’t know, stood with a flower, took a few pictures, sat at a long table–and then it was over. Fun, but I...

16 Dec 2015

Is a flower, or a butterfly? This dress at first, on the top lace texture is a bit dizzy. Carefully, more can't help but indulge, I do not know the way home. With a shiny satin by hand gesture catching plait outline perfect waistline. Crystal diamond ornament in the waist, jade-like stone embellish burnish let the beauty of this feminine dress more add comfort.

Long Strapless Gold Bridesmaid Dresses Glasgow Cheap Discount Online

Starlight, condensed into a drill, fell on the neckline, all the way down, stopping with waist, as sparkling like colorful necklace, also let a flower curve lace times add luster. The waist of the falbala design, also let the women more romantic.

Cheap Short One Shoulder Gold Bridesmaid...

11 Dec 2015

As in recent years the rise of color wedding dress, white dress no longer exclusive wedding dress show catwalks, all kinds of unique color name began to drift of the wedding in a light. If you also want to try traditional white gauze outside design, don’t like too exaggerated design, luxury of low-key shallow color will be suitable for your choice.

Long black/rose red/red/orange/gold/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink   London

Modest, and quality is of good supplement to the most shallow, soft tone, to create elegant and free from vulgarity elegant temperament. Put on the dress, who will be very beautiful, be permeated with happiness to keep your skin bright glow, excited instead of making your posture is full of...

08 Dec 2015
Jenna Day (left) and Emily Garofalo display dresses already collected. Another member of the project, Simone Marchesin, was absent for the photo.

Photo By Joannesdress and Emily Garofalo display dresses already collected.

Two years ago, Jenna Day collected over 300 prom and formal dresses to achieve her Girl Scout Gold Award. This December, Day and two schoolmates Emily Garofalo and Simone Marchesin, all officers of Vernon Township High School’s DECA Club, are collecting dresses again. Project Princess Dress will help fulfill the girls’ DECA chapter project as well as assist girls this season obtain semi-formal, sweet 16 and prom dresses needed for various upcoming functions.

"There is absolutely no charge for these lightly worn dresses," said Day. "Many have only been worn once and then simply hang in someone’s...

04 Dec 2015

rinciple of the maid of honor is too important to choose the dress is not rob the bride separately, with the bride's dress phase contrast and consistent with the theme of the wedding. To resolve the above during the wedding ceremony is not suitable for the color of the bridesmaid dresses, three color taboo, bridesmaids can be got that good? After reading the above content, may have a lot of girls confused, that want to wear what color of dress is the most appropriate? Below we come right away a detailed understanding.

 V-Neck Ruffle Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown Black

V-Neck Ruffle Floor-Length Of Grey Bridesmaid Dresses Black

The maid of honor the most suitable - grey

Gray appears very inside collect, very low-key, but definitely not pessimistic disappointment,...

19 Nov 2015

In a wedding, the existence of a bridesmaid is indispensable, and as a bridesmaid, her dress is very important, can neither too ordinary, again not to upstage the bride, you must have female friends also in distress, how to best friend’s wedding, the role of being a good bridesmaid, next, by the garment networking small make up for MM people solve this distress.

Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dress
Chiffon Floor-Length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses 2016 Australia

After perfect tailoring, short before long, the three-dimensional cultivate one’s morality show thin, not too much adornment, simple and easy, foil the bride’s gorgeous, and incisively and vividly show their temperament, go, can’t drown in the crowd.

Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid Gown
Satin Knee-Length Ruffle Blue Bridesmaid...

13 Nov 2015

Wedding in addition to the bride and groom is leading role, should never be ignored the "supporting" bridesmaid and best man, the wedding bridesmaid and best man pick the dress is to pay attention to the principle of, can't let them dress is too bright, also can't "beyond" the bride and groom is dressed up, in conclusion, roughly is showily and not make public, happy and full of kindness, this is the dress bridesmaid and best man wore basic principles.


A-Line Princess V-Neck Tea-Length Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress

Style: low-key elegant

Showily and not make public, decent, happy with the design of kindness, overall bridesmaid dresses and the bride's wedding dress in style, harmony, this is the basic...

11 Nov 2015
What is a good color bridesmaid dresses? Bridesmaid wedding is a beautiful beautiful scenery, the right lovely bridesmaid color, for wedding color combinations tend to have the bright eye and complementary effect. Small make up today to bring the bridesmaid dress color is tie-in, together and see it.

Ruching Satin Floor-Length Grey Bridesmaid Gown 2016

Blue gray often give a person a kind of elegant temperament, if your fall wedding is such a style, so don't miss this kind of color.

Jewel tones

Jewel tones including some of the dark, but the dark have burnish feeling again, if the fall of the wedding using ruby color, must be in a low profile and with some gorgeous, elegant style.

Deep blue

Deep blue is a combination of blue and green peace...

10 Nov 2015


Bella Bridesmaids: Boston  Bride: Alexandra Designer: LulaKate Style(s): Ella, Rebecca & Adela Fabric: Matte Silk Color: Riviera Photographer: Cary Hazlegrove Photography


Bella Bridesmaids: Charleston  Bride: Julianne Williams Designer: LulaKate Style: Maggie Fabric: Silk Dupioni Color(s): Off White/Coral Photographer: Colin M. Smith Photography


Bella Bridesmaids: Charlotte  Bride: Tiffany Seigler Designer: Jenny Yoo Style: Cayce Fabric: Eastern Silk Shantung  Color: Imperial Violet Photographer: Themba Imagery

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