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23 Dec 2015

HOLIDAY OUTFITS. Keep in mind to dress for the occasion at your next office Christmas party. Screengrab from Instagram/hm

HOLIDAY OUTFITS. Keep in mind to dress for the occasion at your next office Christmas party. Screengrab from

MANILA, Philippines – As fun as it is to let loose after a year of hard work, partying with your colleagues isn't the same as partying with your friends. In situations like office parties, how you dress can do a lot for striking a balance between personal and professional.

It's best, then, to get the balance before the party even starts.

To keep the embarrassing photos and memories – not to mention future awkward situations – to a minimum, be prepared! Keep these things in mind while youre getting ready for your next office party:

Depends on the occasion

Not all office holiday parties are...

27 Nov 2015

Neck hung orange formal dresses look modelling design is very novel, in the light of the taffeta fabric woven, so in terms of fabric layers show with ease, not like other fabrics to be stiff, because taffeta fabric is very thin and very shiny, can draw the outline of the patterns of a lot of chic.

A-Line Chiffon One-Shoulder Semi Formal Dresses

A-Line Chiffon One-Shoulder Semi Formal Dresses Australia 2016 Discount

Which hang neck style formal dress upper body, a bit like the design of the deep V neckline, will set off a matron of honour is both elegant and sexy atmosphere of fashion, at the same time under the chest high waist design, belt is wide, will be the maid of honor of slender waist.

New Arrival One-shoulder Column Floor-length Chiffon Orange Graduation Dress

New Arrival Chiffon Orange Ladies Formal Dresses Store Online Fashion

Body ...

24 Nov 2015

Woven for formal dresses with a dark red, not red as dazzling, but also appears particularly elegant atmosphere, at the same time on design, the formal dresses are also special creative, upper body style that wipe a bosom, tie-in fold design of the chest.

Chiffon Floor Length Long Red Formal Gowns 2015

Which outline the maid of honor is shown slightly plump bosom line, sexy and fashionable as a slightly and chest is compact design, use silver belt to differentiate the level, special feminine fashion, let a person look more silver bow belt connected ribbon and leg side of the dress, it's very perfect, and the width of the belt is particularly appropriate, more looks tacky and less a part is false.


20 Nov 2015

After the fashion of women into the workplace, you will find formal dress not only celebrities will use, when you deal with all kinds of size occasion of entertainment, conference, and so on and so forth, a nice dress, will allow you to release your charm, to make them more confident and attractive, this is very important in the workplace..

Black Chiffon Halter Full Length Crystals Sheath Formal Wear

Black Chiffon Crystals Sheath Long V Neck Formal Wear 2016

Has a v-neck design with high open fork design formal dresses, their styles are out of the traditional impression, add a lot of new idea, let black dress became a special moment. To this, the collocation handsome black high-heeled shoes, color echo each other, let your fashion aura.

Blue V-neck Chiffon Diamond Backless Formal Dress Australia

Blue V-neck Chiffon Backless Of Elegant...

17 Nov 2015

The bride dress collocation is the bride taste and style is an important part of. With good bride dress can add a lot of the charm of color to the bride. The bride dress collocation skills is of great significance.

A-Line Knee Length Royal Blue Sash Semi Formal Dresses Online

Spring evening dress collocation effect is to give a person feel warm, transparent and clean feeling.

Strapless Ball Gown Formal Dress

1, color: pale ivory color, warm beige, delicate and clear

2, the hair color: bright such as silk of dark brown, a soft tan, tan. Hair is soft.

Strapless Formal Dresses Short 2016

Strapless Semi Formal Dresses Short Occasion Dresses 2016

3, eyes: like glass balls in her eyes, eyes to light tan, topaz, white felt blue lake.

Sweetheart Short/Mini Formal Dress

Chiffon Sweetheart Short Formal Dresses Australia 2016 Affordable

Tie-in tips: the color of the dress at this time of year can't be too old...